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"Yes. The world will never know for sure!"

In six consecutive Strong Bad Emails, characters referred to DNA evidence without any context given for why they would be discussing it. The appearances remained unexplained until they were tied together in the toon DNA Evidence, in which it is revealed that Marzipan found the vial of green DNA evidence in her couch after her house was broken into. She then brought it to be analyzed by Bubs, but only got back another vial marked "tampered with". Bubs had sold the actual DNA evidence to Strong Bad in a snow cone, in lieu of green apple flavoring, and had most likely then refilled the vial with "purple" flavored snow cone syrup and given it back to Marzipan. Strong Bad had deliberately deprived Bubs of green apple flavoring in order to get the DNA evidence, which he hoped to use for genetic experiments involving The Cheat. (more...)

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