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"Quite a kah-razy cartoon, indeed."

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes is a "kah-razy" cartoon created by Strong Bad. Its origins lie in the Strong Bad Email crazy cartoon, where the emailer, "monkeydude", asks Strong Bad to make a "crazy cartoon". He subsequently creates Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. Although he didn't seem to show any displeasure with the show at first, he has been shown to be really weirded out with it in the DVD commentary for Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, as well as in the cartoon's mini-golf course Sweet Puttin' Cakes based off of the cartoon seen in the email mini-golf. It has not been revealed as to whether or not Sweet Cuppin' Cakes is a real place in the Homestar Runner universe yet. (more...) watch "crazy cartoon"

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