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Those shorts are indeed short.

Summer Short Shorts, released Tuesday, July 25, 2006, is a collection of five short toons. In the first toon, Strong Bad and Strong Mad try to get The Cheat to cram as many French fries into his mouth as possible, despite The Cheat's rather obvious pain. The second toon is Powered By The Cheat and set in prehistoric times. Caveman versions of Homestar Runner, Marzipan, and Strong Bad live among volcanoes and tar pits until they are attacked by The Cheatsaurus. The third toon features Pom Pom's prodigious acrobatic and martial arts skills, or, as Coach Z calls them, "flyin' whozits". The fourth toon is a music video by Limozeen called "Brain Sister". In the fifth and final toon, Homestar Runner tries to have a discussion with Pom Pom about their friendship, but his less than eloquent way of describing their relationship serves only to annoy Pom Pom. (more...) watch

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