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"They were a couple in love..."

Homestar Runner and Marzipan's relationship has been an interesting one. Despite the fact that they often go on dates together, their relationship is actually a tenuous one, as proven several times. While they actually are affectionate toward each other once in a while, such a relationship is often strained, as Strong Bad has observed time and time again when referring to Marzipan as Homestar's "estranged girlfriend". Homestar often insults Marzipan (though he is often unaware of this), and, likewise, Marzipan treats Homestar with contempt. Sometimes, they threaten to break up and even actually do so. But they always eventually get back together again. Marzipan at least has viewed their relationship as an open one and thus often goes on dates with other characters, like The Cheat and Bubs, though Homestar disagrees with these assessments. (more...)

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