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"Whoa! Real-live e-mail!"

Real-Live E-Mails is a Puppet Stuff short, available only on the fourth disc of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs as an Easter egg. Puppet Strong Bad checks an email in a live action version of his computer room. The email, sent by Leonard from Memphis, asks if he will ever do another DVD. Responding to this, he goes to check up on an update of the DVD in progress and it is not going as he likes it. He talks with Puppet Homestar Runner who is saying his lines for the DVD. Strong Bad then fires Ryan Sterritt and then Mike Chapman for taking too long to work on it. Next, Strong Bad encounters Matt Chapman and Puppet The Cheat, who are not working, but are playing a video game. Homestar arrives and shows the finished DVD product for Strong Bad, which is Deep Impact. Strong Bad, of course, is less than impressed. (more...)

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