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"That guy has serious problems."

The Goblin is a green, armless creature who appears in Halloween episodes. An organ tune plays when he shows up, and he does a short dance. The movement of his feet when dancing is very similar to Leg Movement #1 in the Dancin' Bubs game. The Goblin originated in Homestarloween Party as a character in a pass-along Halloween story started by Homestar Runner. He has since appeared in most, but not all, of the major Halloween toons. By virtue of Bubs's addition to the pass-along story in Homestarloween Party, the Goblin owns a Gremlin. He has also appeared once outside the Halloween toons in Where's The Cheat?, when Strong Mad was trying to look for The Cheat in the Goblin's home in the Spooky Woods (he was found underneath the Gremlin). According to the Horrible Painting, the Goblin has "serious problems", and so Rocoulm refuses to entertain him. (more...)

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