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"Whaddaya mean YOUR email? I'm in the middle of checkin' MY email!"

The 200th Strong Bad Email, email thunder, was released on Tuesday, September 23, 2008. Strong Bad is prepared to check his big bicennten-email, only to find out that the email in question he receives is actually intended for... Homestar Runner?! Strong Bad investigates what is going on, and is dismayed to learn that Homestar has his own email show, just like Strong Bad. Naturally, Strong Bad does not take the situation lightly, and so he tries to thwart Homestar's email show as punishment for stealing his email thunder. As with the 100th email, flashback, this email was highly anticipated before its release, and some fans even went as far as to check the expected URL of the email, only to be greeted with a Page Load Error. There was also a special teaser short for this email, Place ya bets!. This email launched the sbemail-spin off Hremails. (more...) watch

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