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The former Club Trancefudge

Club Technochocolate is a dance club where various residents of Free Country, USA hang out from time to time. The club has matte gray walls, a lighted floor, and various spotlights, and dance music is usually played there. The Cheat plays the role of DJ here, under the pseudonym "DJ Teh Cheat", with the help of his DJ equipment. He played and remixed different songs here, including an indie-tronic remix, "The Geddup Noise". As seen in nightlife, the club has its own bar, where Bubs acts as barman. The shelves are lined with various colored bottles and no chairs or stools appear to be present. Some drinks are served in an eyedropper and cost $17.50 each. The club name originated in the email monument. Strong Bad first visited this club in the email extra plug to show off his 'Lectric Boots, which ended up blowing the circuit breaker. (more...)

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