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"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some candy today."

The House That Gave Sucky Treats is 2001's Halloween toon, and is done very differently than the previous year's Halloween toon, Homestarloween Party, as an interactive game. Herein, Homestar Runner announces that "this year, [the Homestar characters] are going to do things a little differently": they are all going to come to your house to trick-or-treat! Therefore, you need to answer the door and pick a treat for the characters when they come. Then, the characters all arrive at your house, one or two at a time, trick-or-treating. You are then given the option of giving each character one of three treats as they come. This toon is also interesting in that this is the very first Halloween toon where Homsar can be unlocked and appear in the toon. (more...) watch

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