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"Stiny! Get me a Danish!"

Strong Badman is Strong Bad's comic book-style alter ego, originating in the email superhero name. He appears in the comic book series, The Total Adventures of Strong Badman. The fact that he is more muscular than his creator is another use of Strong Bad exaggerating himself. His sidekick "Li'l Stiny" is forever fetching things for him, primarily Danishes. Stiny was first introduced at least in name in superhero name, where Strong Bad receives an email signed Stiny. In the series, Strong Badman faces many different characters, such as Deutschman, Grossman, Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man and a monster version of The Cheat. In alternate universe, he is revealed to not be such a criminal mastermind after all, as his "evil plans" include stealing cable and wasting water. He also does not have a secret underground lair filled with secret underground gadgets, but a rent-controlled apartment. There are at least 87 issues of The Total Adventures of Strong Badman, of which only nine have been seen. (more...)

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