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"Okay, kids, we're gonna play 'Where's The Cheat?'."

In for kids, the 110th Strong Bad Email, released on Monday, August 9, 2004, Strong Bad starts off playing a game of Peasant's Quest, but loses, then gets an email from Allison from New Jersey wondering what a Strong Bad television series for kids would be like. In response, Strong Bad wonders what makes people think that he's intended for children and proceeds to show an example of a kid's show segment led by him. In the show, Strong Bad plays "Where's The Cheat?" and voices of little kids trying to find a clearly-visible The Cheat are heard. Strong Bad lashes out at the kids in frustration and the segment ends. Strong Bad then presents a better candidate for hosting a kid's show: Homsar. Homsar then introduces his show, Whaddaya Know, Haddi-man?, in a montage that includes him riding a boat with a shirt that reads "if you lived here you'd be home", an orange with the letters "abc" written on it, and the show being brought to you by the letter g. The show cuts to 50 repetitions of the song "Stave it off, 1-2-3, and now you can count to three" only to be interrupted by a flabbergasted Strong Bad who's certain such a show would cause children to be held back a grade. This email is also notable for inspiring two responses in Peasant's Quest. (more...) watch

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