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This year marks the tenth anniversary of A Mother's Day Message, released on May 11, 2001, right before Mother's Day. In it, Strong Bad has lost at cards to Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Mad, and The Cheat, and as punishment, they make him stand on the stage and exclaim "Happy Mother's Day!" while wearing a blue sailor's suit and holding a lollipop. He is reluctant to comply, knowing the others will laugh at him unmercifully, which of course they do. This toon features several changes in Strong Bad's design and is the first time Strong Mad is seen smiling. Curiously, although mothers are referenced, none of the main characters' parents have ever actually been seen (except for a photo of Pom Pom's parents in a very old toon), nor are they likely to ever be. (more...) watch

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