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"Death-defying Entertainment!"

A Death-Defying Decemberween is the Decemberween toon of 2008 in which Homestar Runner plans to sled down a very steep hill known as the Steep Deep on Decemberweeve, much to Strong Bad's jealousy. Several of the other characters are concerned that Homestar will break his face into an unrecognizable clump, but he insists that his face doesn't know the meaning of "unrecognizable clump". Despite this, he does mention during his cheap Holiday-Themed Set special that he "might could die". Bubs shows up during the special to give Homestar his sled which also has an epitaph pre-printed on it so it can double as a gravestone in case he doesn't make it. Unbeknownst to everyone else, however, Homestar has secretly arranged for The Cheat help him hide a mattress under the snow at the bottom of the Steep Deep. Strong Bad follows The Cheat that night and removes the mattress once they've gone. Will Homestar make it to Decemberweeve brunch with Marzipan's mother and her latest husband without the safety of the mattress? (more...) watch

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