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It's that time again. Since we can't legally sell any products or advertising space on the site, a pledge drive is the only way for us to afford the cost of high-bandwidth hosting. This pledge drive will be held from Monday, March 7, 2005 to Monday, March 28, 2005. If we reach our goal before the official end of the pledge drive, the sitewide messages will be removed.

Why Do We Need Funds?

You probably noticed we recently moved to a new server. If you'd like to know more about what's going on, you can send an email to We'll be happy to send more information.

Our hosting cost on the old server was US$8/month and we were paid in full through April 2005. In order to move to the new server, we started paying US$50/month back in January. That probably wasn't necessary, but we feel it's better to be paid far in advance rather than have something go wrong when we forget to make a payment. Plus, it keeps Joey from spending your money. :)

By our calculations, we should now be paid in full until June or July 2005. With the additional funds we have in our reserves, we will run out of money somewhere around August or September 2005.

The Goal

We'd like to raise US$1,000. With this amount, we will have enough to cover hosting costs until March of 2007, assuming we don't have to upgrade again before then.

This may sound like a lot of money, but please don't feel obligated to donate large amounts just to reach our goal. If only 100 users donate US$10, we'll raise the entire amount. We have over a thousand registered users on the wiki. At least a hundred of those should be active contributors or frequent readers. If you use the site often, US$10 is a small amount to ask for the next two years. If you are a power user (you know who you are), US$20 is still quite a reasonable amount.

How Can I Help?

To make a donation, please utilize our donations page or send a PayPal payment directly to

Of course, you are under no obligation to donate. Please feel free to continue using the site even if you're unable to help out financially. Just being a member of the wiki and helping out where you can is more than enough contribution in itself.

To those who donate and to those who contribute to our community in other ways, thank you.


AgentSeethroo, InterruptorJones, It's dot com, JoeyDay, Stu, and Tom
The Homestar Runner Wiki Administration Team

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