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AgentSeethroo V2.0


[edit] Who?

Hey all, AgentSeethroo here. I got tired of having a userspace that I didn't come up with, so's the new one.

I'm in the US Air Force, no I'm not a pilot, and no, not everyone in the Air Force is a pilot.

I'm a Contract Administrator, which simply means I (along with other people in my career field) buy everything that comes through the gate at lovely Luke AFB in scenic Phoenix, AZ, where I'm currently stationed.

I try to help out here at the Wiki and Wiki Forum whenever I can, so for the most part I split my time between this site and my website, the Black Box Republic. I have an actual Halo Wiki and Forum dedicated to everything from movie, video game and music review, to our own Halo 2 Clan information.

Here's the interview I wrote back when my UserSpace was DVD themed. I like it, so it's stayin' in.

[edit] Interview with the Director

The uncut, complete interview.


AgentSeethroo: So?

REPORTER: Sorry, just straightening up my notes...

AgentSeethroo: No problem...I'll wait.

REPORTER: I'm a little nervous, this is my first interview..

AgentSeethroo: Don't worry about it! It's easy. Look, I'll show you! Let me interview you!


AgentSeethroo: Mr. REPORTER, are you an evil leprechaun?

REPORTER:, what kind of ques- <gets interrupted>

AgentSeethroo: <interrupts> Don't dodge the question Mr. REPORTER, my sources are VERY reliable.

REPORTER: This is supposed to make me more relaxed?

AgentSeethroo: I'm asking the questions here.

REPORTER: Oh. Sorry.

AgentSeethroo: Ok, so my notes say that you're married. How's married life treatin' ya?

REPORTER: um...those notes say that you're married...they're my notes...

AgentSeethroo: <looking down at notes> Right. So they are...

REPORTER: Ok's my turn now right?

AgentSeethroo: You're feeling better now?

REPORTER: Sure, whatever, let's just get this over with.

AgentSeethroo: That's the spirit!

REPORTER: Mr. Seethroo, what was your inspiration throughout the production of this film?

AgentSeethroo: Aw, crap, your time's up, I have another interview in 2 minutes!

REPORTER: do. Thank you for your time...

AgentSeethroo: No, thank you! <gets up and walks out>


[edit] The Outro

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

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