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[edit] How to add a picture

1a. Find an image you want on your page on any other page in the wiki, or on the image list page.
1b. If you want to upload a new picture, go to the upload file page.
2. Once you've found or uploaded an image, find out its name (including the extension), which will be something like File:Image name.
3. Now, find a nice place on your user page, edit the code, and add this text, replacing the name and caption appropriately:

[[File:Image name.png|thumb|Caption]]

4. If you want to control the size of the thumbnail, you can specify its width in pixels. For a 100 pixel wide thumbnail, this would be:

[[File:Image name.png|thumb|100px|Caption]]

[edit] How to take a screenshot

Most pictures uploaded will be screenshots of Flash toons. To create a screenshot, please keep in mind the wiki's Image use policy and follow these steps:

  1. Stop the toon at the frame you want to capture. We recommend the Homestar All-In-One script for this. This also allows you to zoom in if you want to capture small detail.
  2. Take a screenshot.
  3. In the image editor of your choice, crop the image. Make sure you don't include the black frame around the toon in the image.
  4. The image should be saved as a PNG if it's a drawing (or a screenshot from an animation) and as a JPEG if it is a photograph.
    • PNGs are preferred over JPEG for drawings and animation because PNGs employ Lossless compression (where the image is reproduced exactly) versus JPEGs which employ Lossy compression (where the original image is approximated in order to gain further compression). Lossy compression is usually enough to fool the eye when it comes to photographs, but undesired compression artifacts are more visible in drawings and animation. This means that when it comes to this kind of image, PNG images provide higher quality results over JPEGs.
    • Also please note that downloading a JPEG and re-uploading it as a PNG does not fix the issue as the JPEG has already lost the original color information. New PNGs should be created from the original source.

[edit] Steam games

Several Homestar Runner computer games are distributed through the platform Steam. If you are capturing screenshots from these games, refer to the notes below to ensure you are capturing high-quality images.

  • Steam automatically integrates a screenshot function, activated by pressing F12 by default.
  • By default, screenshots are captured in a compressed format. Change the setting to save uncompressed copies for use on the wiki:
  1. Open the settings by selecting Steam > Settings from the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to the "In Game" submenu, and scroll down to the "Screenshots" section.
  3. Turn on "Save an uncompressed copy of my screenshots", and note the folder location that the uncompressed copies are saved in.
  4. Edit images as noted above.
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