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The oldén days.
Everyone's favorite knock-kneed weightlifter.

The Hremail Room is where Homestar Runner checks his hremails. It has bright green walls and carpeting and appears to be cylindrical. It contains a wooden desk (that proudly points to Homestar's seat with an arrow and the label "This guy!" on the front) and a table where the Arturo 9000 is placed. The walls have a stripe pattern that resembles that in the Basement of the Brothers Strong. However, it is a shade of green, orange, and yellow instead of red, white, and blue and the joints of the lines are more curved than they are sharp. It has not been revealed exactly where the room is, or even what building it's located in. It is interesting to note that the colors of the stripe on the wall are constantly changing, never remaining the same between two hremails. By the time of Hremail 3184, "This guy!" had changed to "Still This Guy!"

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