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A way better friend than that floaty ol' Pom Pom

The Inflatable Pumpkin is an inflated pumpkin that was first seen in I Killed Pom Pom. It is seen constantly inflating and deflating. It is plugged into a tiny segment of a wall on the ground, similar to The Robot. When Pom Pom trips over the cord, it becomes unplugged and deflates. Homestar Runner thinks that the deflated pumpkin is Pom Pom's body. When Homestar really does kill Pom Pom, the pumpkin becomes Homestar's best friend. Homestar says he likes it and wants his phone number (which Strong Bad thinks is more than a little weird), and later says he's a "way better friend than that floaty ol' Pom Pom ever was". The pumpkin is deflated again by Pom Pom, who has been stitched together after he popped.

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