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"Fight some brigands!!"

The keyswordtar is a mystical weapon/instrument designed by Strong Bad in the email portrait, although an actual keyswordtar does not appear. He shows off a wooden cutout version (some wood is still visible around the edge) of it to Homestar Runner in an Easter egg, and together, they both rock out. Strong Bad plays "music" with it by providing his own various electric guitar-like effects. It was first seen as part of a larger wooden cutout Strong Bad made, and he asked "Princess Shellbra" (also part of the cutout) if she wanted him to serenade her with it. The design of the keyswordtar is a cross between a keytar and a sword.

The Keyswordtar is quite likely an homage to Gene Simmons' Axe Bass he plays when touring with KISS.

On November 15, 2007, a fanmade keyswordtar, decorated in the style of Limozeen, appeared as the new weekly fanstuff.

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