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These are the visuals that occur during the music video of Kooky Moonlight.

Lyrics Visuals
(opening) Close up of Teenage Strong Mad playing the snare drum before pulling out to the whole band, with Teenage Strong Bad stood frozen at the keyboard, before he melts and joins in
And in the Moonlight, things get kinda kookyTeenage Homestar raises up from below shot
Girl, you know they do and your parents Teenage Homestar singing in front of a different background
don't respect me as a man Teenage Marzipan dances next to Teenage Homestar
In the moonlight Close up on Teenage Marzipan as she makes a confused frown and walks off
Things get kind of bonkers Large Bean chases Night Watchmen Coach Z and Bubs through City Hall
You think, you thought, you thonk your Teenage Homestar sinks in quicksand. The words "Think", "Thought" and "Thonk" appear above his head as he says them
Friends would maybe try and lend a hand Teenage Strong Bad and Teenage Strong Mad look off screen at something in the sky while smiling as Teenage Homestar continues to sink
Moonlight. Kooky. Back to the band, the words appear in the bottom left corner as Teenage Homestar sings them
Moonlight. The Gang being chased by Large Bean while silhouetted by the moon.
Kooky Kooky Closeup on Teenage Homestar
In the Moonlight things can get delirious, searching for mysterious Teenage Homestar shines his torch on a Ghost that has Strong Sad's face and is frightened, Teenage Strong Bad looks in the other direction and yawns.
Whipped Cream, poppies, chemistry, cruising
In the moonlight
Shot of a stylised road. A dollop of whipped cream with a cherry, a bunch of poppies, a flask filled with green liquid and the gang driving a car fly into shot as they're mentioned.
things get kind of crazy. Cut to the group is being chased by Large Bean through the woods
They're trying to extricate Cut to a red machine labelled "ZIG-ZAGGÉD PANTS EXTRICATING MACHINE 2000.
me out of these zoom out to show the whole machine in the middle of the woods. Teenage Strong Bad flips a switch to turn it on.
absurd, zigzaggèd pants. Teenage Homestar and Large Bean run into the machine.
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