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"The Cheat, halt production immediately!"

Strong Bad directed The Cheat to build a Laser Lemon in the Strong Bad Email coloring. Based on the design in the background, it appears to be a laser gun. After discovering that Crayola already had a crayon color named "Laser Lemon", also part of the set of neon colors, Strong Bad ordered The Cheat to cease production and instead build "Laser Limes" or laser beams.

[edit] The Cheat's oscilloscope

In building Strong Bad's laser equipment, The Cheat used an oscilloscope, a device which measures and gives a graphical representation of electrical signals. Many lasers work by using an electrical signal to excite an active laser medium, which then emits a beam of light. If the oscilloscope was being used to test the Laser Lemon invention, it would have been used to measure this electronic input.

[edit] The Cheat's soldering iron

The Cheat also used a soldering iron to make the Laser Lemon. Soldering irons are used to heat solder to fuse two pieces of metal.

Because he is wearing welding goggles, the soldering iron could also be an arc welder.

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