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"Oh yes?"

Monte Negro, or simply "Monte", is a character who randomly appeared on an orange marshmallow after Marshie tells him about Fluffy Puff Malloweens. Marshie then proceeded to reveal the following claim about the snack food: "They fit on top of each other!!"

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Monte Negro is a city in the state of Rondônia in Brazil. It means "Black Mountain".
  • Monte Negro is also the name of a dark red lily.
  • Montenegro is a small country in Southeastern Europe, formed from one of the six republics of the former Yugoslavia. It initially was in a union with Serbia following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992, but became independent following a successful independence referendum in 2006. The French-derived English name for the country literally means "black mountain". This, in turn, is derived from the native name for the country, Crna Gora (or Црна Гора in Cyrillic), which also means "black mountain" in Montenegrin.
  • "Our Gracious Host" in Experimental Film bears a resemblance to Monte.

[edit] Complete Filmography

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