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"And we challenged those pansies to an obstacle course!"

Strong Sad and The King of Town spent some time at an obstacle course during their 2006 summer vacation in Weclome Back. The two were at rival summer camps, "Gluten Camp" and "Glutton Camp", and those attending the latter challenged those attending the former to compete in an obstacle course. Coach Z also attended the event as a spectator. No winner was declared, as the representatives for each camp (The King of Town representing Glutton Camp, Strong Sad representing Gluten Camp) both got stuck in the tire swings. The King, however, thinks that Glutton Camp should be considered the winner, as he got stuck in the tire ten minutes before Strong Sad did.

The course includes tire swings, tires set up for a running drill, a hurdle, and a rope seemingly suspended from mid-air. A similar supernaturally-suspended rope appeared in A Folky Tale.

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