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"Doom doom doom doom."
"The system is down."

Occasionally in the Homestar Runner body of work, characters will start one word or phrase before they've finished the one before it, creating an overlap in their voice. This most often occurs in Strong Bad's email intros.

[edit] Appearances

  • In Search of the Yello Dello New VersionHomestar Runner overlaps himself while singing "Hello Yello Dello Dello" on the mountain top.
  • Email techno — Each new addition Strong Bad makes to the song he creates overlaps the rest of the song.
  • Email monument — In the "technochocolate" Easter egg, Strong Bad overlaps the beat with the word "technochocolate".
  • Email different town — The second line of Strong Bad's email song is two overlapping clips of the same line, "check your email and check your email".
  • Email time capsule and Grumblecakes — Each time "Ohh, I'm Grumblecaking with you" is sung, it overlaps the next line.
  • Email long pants — The second line of the email song starts just a second before the line before it stops.
  • Email pop-up — In the email song, "I was born to check email and eat lots of cake", there is a very slight overlap of the words "email" and "and".
  • Fish Eye Lens — During Strong Bad's verse about jumping "in slow motion off the curb", each word is overlapped by the next. In addition, during an Easter egg, Strong Bad babbles to The Cheat's techno beat while shouting "I'm buying you a pizza".
  • Fan Costumes 2018 — In Strong Bad's "this is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable" song, each line slightly overlaps the next.
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