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"Aww, your snowman died!"

The Styleron Ecochair by Denoob Largo is a chair that was shown in the Strong Bad Email the chair. When Strong Bad went to Bubs' Concession Stand to find a chair to replace Stooly, the Styleron Ecochair was one of the chairs that Bubs offered to sell. Its appearance is described by Strong Bad as a dead snowman and a "giant albino doggie-doody", although Bubs claims that it is always a hit at parties. Rather than choosing to buy the Styleron Ecochair, Strong Bad chose instead to buy Le Restige. In an Easter egg, it appears that Strong Sad bought the Styleron Ecochair. However, he appeared to have trouble sitting on it, and exclaimed that he couldn't "feel [his] parts" when he broke his back on it.

The Styleron Ecochair seems to be a parody of of furniture made by Swedish-founded IKEA, which is known for advertising its products as modern and environmentally sound and giving each product line a Scandinavian name. This is referenced when Strong Bad exclaims "I don't care how Swedish your chair is," to Bubs.

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