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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Let us give TANKS!. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="ccdo5.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="20" end="91" sfx="yes">music</line>
<line start="91" end="135">
  <greenhelmet>We're taking heavy losses, sir. They've got us pinned down! We really need-</greenhelmet>
<line start="135" end="150" sfx="yes">siren</line>
<line start="150" end="180" speaker="gunhaver">All right! Thanksgiving break!</line>
<line start="180" end="203" speaker="greenhelmet">But sir! We could really use some-</line>
<line start="203" end="234">
  <sfx>screen powering down</sfx>
  <gunhaver>I love Thanksgiving break!</gunhaver>
<line start="234" end="261" speaker="silentrip">Uh, shouldn't we go help him?</line>
<line start="261" end="306" speaker="gunhaver">Naw, he's just one of those green helmets. We got like fifty of them.</line>
<line start="306" end="335" speaker="gunhaver">So, what's everybody doing for the holiday?</line> 
<line start="335" end="367" speaker="reynold">I'm going to stay at my parents' house! </line>
<line start="367" end="400" speaker="reynold">If they haven't rented out my room... </line>
<line start="400" end="421" speaker="reynold">again... </line>
<line start="421" end="438" speaker="reynold">to my brother.</line>
<line start="438" end="468" speaker="gunhaver">Well, have a good time, soldiers. </line>
<line start="468" end="511" speaker="gunhaver">I'll just be here in case Blue Laser tries to blow up </line>
<line start="511" end="538" speaker="gunhaver">over-the-river-and-through-the-woods... </line>
<line start="538" end="573" speaker="gunhaver">so that no one to grandmother's house... </line>
<line start="573" end="594" speaker="gunhaver">can go.</line>
<line start="594" end="634" sfx="yes">music</line>
<line start="647" end="709" speaker="commander">I thought I told you to fiendishly dice the evil onions!</line>
<line start="709" end="714" speaker="bluelaser">No sir.</line>
<line start="714" end="723"><sfx>chopping</sfx></line>
<line start="723" end="741"><sfx>chopping</sfx><bluelaser>That was me, sir.</bluelaser></line>
<line start="741" end="769" speaker="commander">I can never tell you two apart!</line>
<line start="769" end="778"><commander>hiya</commander><sfx>woosh</sfx></line>
<line start="778" end="784" speaker="bluelaser">Ow.</line>
<line start="784" end="833" speaker="commander">There! Now you're the one with the fork stuck in your eye!</line>
<line start="834" end="839" sfx="yes">crash</line>
<line start="839" end="860">
  <sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx>
  <fightgar>Sorry Blue Laser - </fightgar>
<line start="860" end="929">
  <sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx>
  <fightgar>the only thanks you'll be giving is getting shot by us with our bullet-shooting guns!</fightgar>
<line start="929" end="944" speaker="commander">What?!</line>
<line start="944" end="984" speaker="fightgar">Aw, just kiddin'.  Thanks for havin' us over!</line>
<line start="984" end="1049"><sfx>calm music</sfx><commander><em>(laughs)</em> You really had me going for a second there. Get in here, you guys!</commander></line>
<line start="1049" end="1073" speaker="commander">Ripberger, you made it! </line>
<line start="1073" end="1135" speaker="commander">I thought you were only available for a limited time with three proofs of purchase!</line>
<line start="1135" end="1168" speaker="ripberger">I brought some ambrosia salad!</line>
<line start="1168" end="1194" speaker="commander">Uh! Where's Gunhaver?!</line>
<line start="1194" end="1232" speaker="silentrip">Uh, we kinda didn't give him your invitation.</line>
<line start="1232" end="1277" speaker="silentrip">Gunhaver has a bit of a hard time cutting loose.</line>
<line start="1278" end="1291"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Forty-seven!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1291" end="1303"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Forty-eight!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1303" end="1318"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Forty-nine!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1318" end="1328"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Fifty!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1328" end="1369"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>C'mon Gunhaver, you maggot! Give me fifty more!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1369" end="1379"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>One!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1379" end="1390"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Two!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1390" end="1399"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Three!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1400" end="1430" speaker="fightgar">Uh... I guess... </line>
<line start="1430" end="1496"><sfx>calm music</sfx><fightgar>Claude Monet, and um... Manchester United!</fightgar></line>
<line start="1496" end="1543" speaker="commander">That's good, that's good! Now what about you, Silent Rip?!</line>
<line start="1543" end="1602" speaker="silentrip">I'm thankful for this bountiful Blue Laser Thanksgiving action playset!</line>
<line start="1602" end="1610" sfx="yes">ding</line>
<line start="1611" end="1640" speaker="crackotage">I'm thankful for the gift of rhyme!!</line>
<line start="1641" end="1661" speaker="ripberger">Ambrosia salad!</line>
<line start="1662" end="1703" speaker="crackotage">I'm also thankful for this lime! Hibbety-jeebity!</line>
<line start="1704" end="1741" speaker="commander">Plutonium at closeout prices!</line>
<line start="1742" end="1768" speaker="bluelaser">I'm thankful I don't have a fork in my eye, sir.</line>
<line start="1769" end="1793" speaker="commander">My Nana's new hip!</line>
<line start="1794" end="1828" speaker="bluelaser">I'm... thankful for this fork in my eye.</line>
<line start="1829" end="1895" speaker="gunhaver">So I exchanged it for something of lesser value, and they gave me the rest in store credit!</line>
<line start="1896" end="1940"><sfx>gunfire</sfx><greenhelmet>That's great sir! A real value. But we could really use some air support.</greenhelmet></line>
<line start="1940" end="1983"><sfx>gunfire</sfx><gunhaver>Yeah, I should go too. Gotta check in on Blue Laser.</gunhaver></line>
<line start="1983" end="1994"><sfx>gunfire</sfx><greenhelmet>Please, NO-</greenhelmet></line>
<line start="1995" end="2055"><sfx>calm music</sfx><fightgar>Ambros-er-a salad... sayin' right, right, right, right...</fightgar></line>
<line start="2056" end="2074" speaker="gunhaver">Tight buns!</line>
<line start="2075" end="2159"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Blue Laser has captured the Cheat Commandos and is forcing them to sit down to a delicious meal and pleasant conversation! </gunhaver></line>
<line start="2160" end="2205" speaker="gunhaver">Hang on, boys. Daddy Gunhavvy's on his way!</line>
<line start="2206" end="2257" speaker="commander">But I'm not thankful for that guy over there with the camera!</line>
<line start="2261" end="2276" speaker="reinforcements">Hey, guys.</line>
<line start="2277" end="2305" speaker="silentrip">Uh-oh. You know what that means.</line>
<line start="2306" end="2328" speaker="fightgar">It won't be long before...</line>
<line start="2330" end="2335" sfx="yes">burst</line>
<line start="2336" end="2372"><sfx>cheat commando theme</sfx><gunhaver>Gobble, gobble... you're in trobble!</gunhaver></line>
<line start="2372" end="2389" speaker="crackotage" voiceover="voiceover">Hey, that's not bad!</line>
<line start="2390" end="2433" speaker="commander">Gunhaver! You actually have a gun!</line>  
<line start="2434" end="2466" speaker="gunhaver">Cheat Commandos, run! For cover!</line>
<line start="2467" end="2516" speaker="gunhaver">Blue Laser is clearly trying to have you all over for dinner!</line>
<line start="2519" end="2555" speaker="silentrip"><sfx>music stops</sfx>Uh, yeah! He invited you too!</line> 
<line start="2556" end="2611" speaker="silentrip">But we didn't tell you because we were afraid you'd do something like this!</line>
<line start="2612" end="2629" speaker="gunhaver">And I did!</line>
<line start="2630" end="2662" speaker="gunhaver">The Cheat Commandos win again!</line>
<line start="2663" end="2688" speaker="commander">
Well, since you're here... </line>
<line start="2689" end="2714"><sfx>calm music</sfx><commander>Play us a song, won't you Charles?</commander></line>
<line start="2714" end="2739">
<!-- ed: I pretty much made this up, it's too hard for me to hear -->
<silentrip>Yeah, a song!</silentrip>
<crackotage>A song! Yeah!</crackotage>
<fightgar>Ooo! A song!</fightgar>
<gunhaver>A-a song?</gunhaver>
<line start="2740" end="2772" speaker="gunhaver">No, I couldn't possibly... it's been so long, I...</line>
<line start="2773" end="2798" speaker="oliver">Won't you play us a song, Gun'aver?</line>
<line start="2799" end="2840" speaker="gunhaver">All right, you talked me into it. One song!</line>
<line start="2841" end="2888" speaker="gunhaver">This is one everybody knows, so give me a hand, boys.</line>
<line start="2888" end="2942" sfx="yes">piano</line>
<line start="2942" end="2960" speaker="gunhaver">Buy all our playsets and...</line>
<line start="2960" end="2966" speaker="all">Ooh!</line>
<line start="2966" end="2984" speaker="gunhaver">Buy all our playsets and...</line>
<line start="2984" end="2989" speaker="all">Ah!</line>
<line start="2989" end="3007" speaker="gunhaver">Buy all our playsets and...</line>
<line start="3007" end="3062"><gunhaver>Toys!</gunhaver><all>Toys!</all></line>
<line start="3063" end="3117" sfx="yes">piano</line>
<line start="3118" end="3133"><gunhaver>Yeah!</gunhaver><all>Yeah!</all></line>
<line start="3134" end="3167" speaker="commander">A holiday classic!</line>
<line start="3168" end="3188" speaker="silentrip">Uh, what's that smell?</line>
<line start="3189" end="3241" speaker="fightgar">How should I know? You're the one called Silent Rip!</line>
<line start="3242" end="3256" speaker="gunhaver">That's all me. </line>
<line start="3256" end="3312" speaker="gunhaver">I stuck a nuclear device in the oven in case I didn't make it out of here alive!</line>
<line start="3313" end="3322"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx></line>
<line start="3322" end="3381"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><singers voiceover="yes">No one understands me! No one understands me!</singers> </line>
<line start="3381" end="3417"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><reynold>Will you turn that noise down?!</reynold></line>
<line start="3417" end="3440"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><reynoldbro>You're so lame.</reynoldbro></line>
<line start="3440" end="3467"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><singers voiceover="yes">No one understands me<span style="visibility: hidden">... but YOU!</span></singers></line>
<line start="3467" end="3473"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><singers voiceover="yes">No one understands me... but <span style="visibility: hidden">YOU!</span></singers></line>
<line start="3473" end="3497"><sfx>distorted guitar</sfx><singers voiceover="yes">No one understands me... but YOU!</singers><sfx>explosion</sfx></line>
<line start="3497" end="3510" sfx="yes">glass breaking</line>
<line start="3511" end="3561" sfx="yes">music</line>
<!-- Easter Eggs  -->
<line start="3569" end="3607" speaker="commander">I need you to take this plate of food, </line>
<line start="3607" end="3634" speaker="commander">make a milkshake out of it, </line>
<line start="3634" end="3679" speaker="commander">and spread it on Nana's gums for her!</line>
<line start="3679" end="3716" speaker="bluelaser">I'm going to go ahead and disobey a direct order, sir.</line>
<line start="3716" end="3746" speaker="commander">Understandable!!</line>
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