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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Commandos in the Classroom. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="cheatcommandos4.swf" width="550" height="400">
	<line start="96" end="146" speaker="crackotage">Movie night is my favorite night.<br />I think it is my favorite night.</line>
	<line start="148" end="157" speaker="crackotage">Hee hee hoo hoo!</line>
	<line start="160" end="182" speaker="silentrip">Are you even trying anymore?</line>
	<line start="188" end="226" speaker="gunhaver">All right boys, time for a little R&R.</line>
	<line start="231" end="279" speaker="gunhaver">Tonight we've got the old family favorite <cite>Pony Fights 2</cite>!</line>
	<line start="281" end="323"><all>Yeah!</all><silentrip>All right! PG-13!</silentrip></line>
	<line start="327" end="400" speaker="gunhaver">Uh, sorry Reynold, I'm afraid lights-out for you is at oh-now hundred hours!</line>
	<line start="403" end="465" speaker="fightgar">Yeah, all that cuss-language might give you nightmares. Ah-ha ha ha.</line>
	<line start="465" end="526" speaker="reynold">Oh, I can handle it. Why, I can even swear a cuss myself! A-hem.</line>
	<line start="536" end="553" speaker="reynold">Diaper biscuits.</line>
	<line start="557" end="599" speaker="all" sfx="sfx">laughter</line>
	<line start="600" end="625" speaker="reynold">Oh, I can't do anything right.</line>
	<line start="631" end="670" speaker="reynold">I might as well go home and get teen pregnant.</line>
	<line start="672" end="690"><all sfx="sfx">gasp</all><sfx>siren</sfx></line>
	<line start="693" end="720" speaker="gunhaver">Easy there, Cheat Cuss-mando.</line>
	<line start="723" end="774" speaker="gunhaver">You just made an inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behavior!</line>
	<line start="776" end="790" speaker="reynold">A whaaa?</line>
	<line start="794" end="842" speaker="singer" voiceover="voiceover">Commandos in the Classroom!</line>
	<line start="857" end="901" speaker="announcer" voiceover="voiceover">Lesson four: Inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behaviors!</line>
	<line start="907" end="936" speaker="gunhaver">Here, Reynold, lemme show you.</line>
	<line start="946" end="954" speaker="all" sfx="sfx">cheers</line>
	<line start="954" end="978"><all sfx="sfx">groans</all><silentrip>I was watchin' the ponies...</silentrip></line>
	<line start="978" end="1010" speaker="gunhaver">The brain is divided into two halves:</line>
	<line start="1016" end="1042" speaker="gunhaver">the good half and the evil half.</line>
	<line start="1046" end="1076" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">The good half likes positive things,</line>
	<line start="1081" end="1096" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">like self-esteem,</line>
	<line start="1104" end="1119" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Oreo cheesecake,</line>
	<line start="1123" end="1145" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">bringing your old man a Cold One,</line>
	<line start="1150" end="1178" speaker="gunhaver">and all our playsets and toys.</line>
	<line start="1187" end="1206" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">But the evil half likes</line>
	<line start="1206" end="1216" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Littering!</line>
	<line start="1216" end="1226" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Loitering!</line>
	<line start="1226" end="1236" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Latering!</line>
	<line start="1236" end="1247" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Lootering!</line>
	<line start="1247" end="1309" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">And all the other stuff that causes inappropriate peer-to-teen choice behaviors.</line>
	<line start="1314" end="1363" speaker="reynold">But how do <em>I</em> keep from making peer-to-teen choice awards, Gunhaver?</line>
	<line start="1368" end="1460" speaker="gunhaver">If you find yourself in a sticky <q>teenage situation</q>, just remember these three pro-positive life tools:</line>
	<line start="1469" end="1487" speaker="bluelaser">What did you get for number four, sir?</line>
	<line start="1489" end="1505" speaker="silentrip">Uhhhh...</line>
	<line start="1507" end="1519" speaker="gunhaver"><em>Freeze!</em></line>
	<line start="1521" end="1549" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Pro-positive life tool number one:</line>
	<line start="1555" end="1613" speaker="gunhaver">say you have one of any debilitating gold rush era diseases!</line>
	<line start="1619" end="1642" speaker="bluelaser">Come on, man. I thought we were bros.</line>
	<line start="1645" end="1692" speaker="silentrip">I can't! I have the typhoid! Or the cholera!</line>
	<line start="1697" end="1723" speaker="bluelaser">Never mind. Your answers are gross, bro.</line>
	<line start="1739" end="1764" speaker="reynold">Gold rush era diseases, eh?</line>
	<line start="1767" end="1783" speaker="gunhaver">Now you're getting it!</line>
	<line start="1793" end="1826" speaker="bluelaser">Hey, man. We need you to put these wine coolers down your pants.</line>
	<line start="1831" end="1852" speaker="bluelaser">Err... down your headband.</line>
	<line start="1857" end="1880" speaker="fightgar">Oh, um, uh...</line>
	<line start="1882" end="1890" speaker="gunhaver">STOP!</line>
	<line start="1894" end="1928" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Pro-positive life tool <span xml:lang="es">numero</span> two:</line>
	<line start="1936" end="1991" speaker="gunhaver" voiceover="voiceover">Envision your inappropriators as giant slices of pizza.</line>
	<line start="2001" end="2013" speaker="fightgar">Ah-ha ha ha!</line>
	<line start="2017" end="2046" speaker="fightgar">You're deep-dish! Ah-ha ha!</line>
	<line start="2050" end="2097" speaker="fightgar">And you've got extra cheese! Ah-ha ha ha ha!</line>
	<line start="2101" end="2125" speaker="fightgar" volume="0.9">Oh, pepperoni!</line>
	<line start="2132" end="2142" speaker="bluelaser">What's with this guy?</line>
	<line start="2144" end="2166" speaker="bluelaser">He sounds crazy. Should we shoot him?</line>
	<line start="2169" end="2185" speaker="bluelaser">Abso-total-lutely!</line>
	<line start="2194" end="2232"><sfx>gunfire</sfx><reynold>But Gunhaver, I've never had pizza before!</reynold></line>
	<line start="2235" end="2265" speaker="gunhaver">But you know what it looks like, don't you?</line>
	<line start="2269" end="2293" speaker="reynold">I think so!</line>
	<line start="2297" end="2316" speaker="gunhaver">Now you're getting it!</line>
	<line start="2333" end="2377" speaker="commander">Hey, kid! Wanna smoke some candy with me?</line>
	<line start="2383" end="2413" speaker="gunhaver">Pro-positive life tool number three:</line>
	<line start="2418" end="2452" speaker="gunhaver">Have your light infantry create a thick smokescreen.</line>
	<line start="2459" end="2505" speaker="gunhaver">Then lay down some suppressive fire until the snipers are in position.</line>
	<line start="2508" end="2550" speaker="gunhaver">But look out for surface-to-air antioxidant missiles.</line>
	<line start="2554" end="2585" speaker="gunhaver">Then by the time Reinforcements shows up,</line>
	<line start="2588" end="2594" speaker="reinforcements">Hey, guys.</line>
	<line start="2596" end="2640" speaker="gunhaver">Your mom should be waiting for you in the bus turnaround.</line>
	<line start="2654" end="2721" speaker="gunhaver">So, do you think you're ready to make <q>appropriate inappropriate</q> whatever thingies now?</line>
	<line start="2724" end="2758" speaker="reynold">Yes sir! I'm gonna get high on life!</line>
	<line start="2762" end="2800" speaker="silentrip">We're about to start the movie. You guys coming?</line>
	<line start="2804" end="2823" speaker="gunhaver">What do you think, Reynold?</line>
	<line start="2836" end="2861" speaker="reynold">I've got dysentery!</line>
	<line start="2864" end="2883" speaker="gunhaver">Good job, little buddy!</line>
	<line start="2887" end="2896" speaker="reynold" sfx="sfx">Oof!</line>
	<line start="2896" end="2931" speaker="gunhaver">Man, I can't wait to see some serious pony carnage.</line>
	<line start="2936" end="2983" speaker="singer" voiceover="voiceover">Commandos in the Classroom!</line>
	<line start="3000" end="3062" speaker="announcer" voiceover="voiceover">Next week, lesson five: Listen you guys, you seriously need to start showering every day!</line>
	<line start="3085" end="3113" speaker="silentrip">Ah, you can do it. Try another one.</line>
	<line start="3121" end="3173" speaker="crackotage">I think my rhymes are truly broke!<br />Broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke!</line>
	<line start="3179" end="3189" speaker="crackotage">Hoo-hoo, hweh-hweh!</line>
	<line start="3203" end="3240" speaker="bluelaser">Um, I'm not entirely sure this is what they were talking about sir.</line>
	<line start="3248" end="3287" speaker="commander">Shut it! Pizza can't talk!</line>
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