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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for The Cheat Theme Song. watch this toon
To watch the toon with subtitles, we recommend that you install either the All-In-One Greasemonkey script for Firefox or the Homestar All-In-One extension for Chrome.
It will give you the option to automatically display subtitles when you view toons on and those mirrored locally. Alternatively, you may use our local viewer.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="cheatvideo.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="74" end="107" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's always giving Strong Bad a hand?</line>
  <line start="108" end="143" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat!<br />The Cheat!</line>
  <line start="144" end="181" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's always messing up Homestar's plans?</line>
  <line start="182" end="215" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat!<br />The Cheat!</line>
  <line start="216" end="251" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's gonna start a rock and roll band?</line>
  <line start="252" end="275" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat!<br />The Cheat!</line>
  <line start="276" end="283" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's</line>
  <line start="284" end="294" speaker="homestar">Making<span style="visibility:hidden"> out with Marzipan!</span></line>
  <line start="295" end="301" speaker="homestar">Making out<span style="visibility:hidden"> with Marzipan!</span></line>
  <line start="302" end="311" speaker="homestar">Making out with<span style="visibility:hidden"> Marzipan!</span></line>
  <line start="312" end="325" speaker="homestar">Making out with Marzipan!</line>
  <line start="326" end="358" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat!<br />The Cheat!</line>
  <line start="359" end="397" speaker="singers">The Cheat, The Cheat is in the house.</line>
  <line start="398" end="432" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's the man that looks like The Cheat?</line>
  <line start="433" end="466" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat<br />The Cheat</line>
  <line start="467" end="499" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's the one with yellow feet?</line>
  <line start="500" end="535" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat<br />The Cheat</line>
  <line start="536" end="572" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's the dude that moves to the beat?</line>
  <line start="573" end="607" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat<br />The Cheat</line>
  <line start="608" end="641" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Who's the guy from 21 Jump Street?</line>
  <line start="642" end="677" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">Not The Cheat<br />Not The Cheat</line>
  <line start="678" end="707" speaker="singers" voiceover="voiceover">The Cheat<br />The Cheat</line>
  <line start="742" end="758" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
  <line start="759" end="789" speaker="strongbad">Um, I dunno, The Cheat,</line>
  <line start="790" end="817" speaker="strongbad">I don't think it was very good...</line>
  <line start="818" end="830" speaker="strongbad">at all.</line>
  <line start="831" end="861" speaker="strongbad">Like, the song was kinda catchy, but...</line>
  <line start="862" end="899" speaker="strongbad">the visuals were... lacking.</line>
  <line start="900" end="913" speaker="strongbad">At best.</line>
  <line start="914" end="968" speaker="homestar">This is the best video game I've ever played.</line>
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