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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for Where the Crap Are We?. watch this toon
To watch the toon with subtitles, we recommend that you install either the All-In-One Greasemonkey script for Firefox or the Homestar All-In-One extension for Chrome.
It will give you the option to automatically display subtitles when you view toons on and those mirrored locally. Alternatively, you may use our local viewer.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="" width="490" height="400">
  <line start="1" end="30" speaker="homestar">Hey Strong Bad, could you give me a hand with this—</line>
  <line start="31" end="57" speaker="strongbad">Wait a minute, shut up. Where the crap <em>are</em> we?</line>
  <line start="58" end="80" speaker="homestar">I dunno. Some place.</line>
  <line start="85" end="137" speaker="strongbad">What are we doing here? It's like we're in Blue Fadey Land or something.</line>
  <line start="140" end="180" speaker="homestar">Um... Maybe this is heaven. We're dead!</line>
  <line start="183" end="220" speaker="strongbad">No, it can't be heaven. There's not enough Twinkies.</line>
  <line start="225" end="238" speaker="homestar">Here's a Twinkie.</line>
  <line start="240" end="265" speaker="strongbad">Oh, maybe this <em>is</em> heaven!</line>
  <line start="270" end="305" speaker="homestar">Yeah, and it's just you and me, forever!</line>
  <line start="310" end="340" speaker="strongbad">Wait a minute! This isn't heaven!</line>
  <line start="350" end="405" speaker="strongbad" volume="2.0">WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!</line>
  <line start="410" end="458" speaker="homestar">No, you're right. I think it's Massachusetts.</line>

  <line start="510" end="550" speaker="homestar">Briiiiing! Briiiiing!</line>
  <line start="557" end="592" speaker="homestar">Hello? Senator Pencilface?</line>
  <line start="593" end="615" speaker="homestar">Yes, this is Homestar.</line>
  <line start="620" end="654" speaker="homestar">Yes, sir! I can save the day!</line>
  <line start="660" end="670" speaker="sfx">click</line>
  <line start="700" end="750" speaker="homestar">Um... I really don't think there's a way out of here.</line>
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