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[edit] Some braindumped factoids

A few things about the parts of the soundtrack that I had something to do with. Not sure that these details rise to the level of things that should be incorporated into the article, but putting them here for someone else to deal with (or ignore) will make me stop thinking about it. Maybe.

1. "I've Killed It" in the game is slightly different from "I've Killed It" on the soundtrack. In the game, it's the "Stave It Off" that I posted on Twitter during Decemberweenvent with the last two notes of the Decemberweenvent "Cheat Commandos Theme" tacked on. (Those last two notes, in turn, were a reference to the last two notes of Vince Guaraldi's "What Child Is This?" on the ``A Charlie Brown Christmas`` soundtrack.) On the soundtrack, the two notes are not taken from the other song but are played, and the "Stave It Off" part was cleaned up a bit. (Some notes were removed. During Decemberweenvent, it was "get this out now now now" because it had to be the same day. That's the version that ended up in the game, but for the soundtrack, it was cleaned up a bit so it's a different version. Also, the Decemberweenvent version is available at Decemberweenvent/almost-the=in-game version is also available at Just add the last two notes from

2. Similar story with "Strong Bad Is A Bad Guy". The version in the game is from the Decemberweenvent days, and also available at The version on the album is a bit faster and much longer, with more people playing on it. The Decemberweenvent/in-game version is just me. The soundtrack version has two guitar-playing friends, one saxophone-playing friend, and a friend who helped me mix it. It's possible that information is in some metadata somewhere in the files but I'm not sure. The faster (soundtrack) version along with credits for who played on it is on YouTube at The slower in-game version (aside from the Bandcamp links above) is at

3. The notes in this article currently say that "Sill It Up, Sill It Down" is a "faster cover of Roomisode 1...". It's not actually faster. It's the same tempo. The drums are in double time, I guess, which makes it feel/seem faster, but the underlying Roomisode 1 music is at exactly the same tempo. It's a matter of judgment and reasonable people can disagree, but I'd also refrain from calling it a "cover". Instead, I'd say it's a song that samples the previous "Roomisode 1" track or uses it as a base. But it's a different song (in my opinion, at least).

4. Similarly for track 29 ("Hub-Bump"), I'd say it's not a cover, but that it samples the previous track or is based on that track.

5. The main vocals on track 33 ("Rock Spotty Party Mix") are Rock Spotty I guess. In other words, I didn't do the vocals. They're by Matt Chapman and I have no idea if the Brothers Chaps will ever use that character/voice in some other way.

6. Also on track 33, the notes mention the inclusion of in-game Renaldo speaking, but there's also in-game speaking by the motorist (who says "Rock Spotty Party Mix" at about 1:45 on the song--it's quieter than Renaldo's speaking so you have to be listening for it).

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Trott 03:56, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

==The Rock Spotty Party Mix voice sounds like somebody trying to impersonate Matt Berry86.161.252.129 16:36, 31 August 2023 (UTC)

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