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Is it really enough to call it an obsession? It usually just comes up in the context of what would be very expensive and worth having, and he mentioned it just a few times in all those strong bad e-mails. Not exactly like that Chris Farley sketch where he's constantly saying he lives in a van down by the river. Or someone who once spent almost all day every day playing the games of, identifying with, and practically eating, drinking and dreaming sonic the hedgehog. Someone else. Who's totally not me. Totally that was somebody else and not me and a friend of mine named.... Freeeed...alina. SHE was named Fredalina, yeah. A female friend of mine named Fredalina who was obsessed with Sonic. She wasn't too hot though, maybe a 6. Yeah, that's believable. So it's totally plausible that a girl like her would have not only existed but been friends with me, yeah. Nice save there, Fred. I mean, me.

Should've stopped after your second sentence. --Jay (Talk) 20:27, 3 July 2014 (UTC)
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