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The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning

This template is used to indicate readers of objectionable material.

{{inlinecontentwarning|warning message|tooltip to display}}

Both parameters are optional.

When someone rolls over this template, a tooltip will be displayed containing what you entered for the second parameter.

The tooltip should be a brief message further explaining the warning. It should be checked to see if the tooltip appears completely, because after a certain length they will be cut off by the browser. They will also disappear after a few seconds, requiring a user to take their cursor off of the warning and back on it again to see it again.

[http://www.nasa.gov Read me.] {{inlinecontentwarning|sample warning message|This is an example content warning.}}

Read me. This is an example content warning. sample warning message

In most cases, be sure to place the warning template before the link in question, especially in running text.

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