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Subtitles logo This template is placed at the top of subtitles pages to automatically create links to the article for the corresponding toon or game, various available viewing options, and language resources. It also lets a user know that a language is not enabled if that is the case.

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Usage Parameters:

 {{ subtitles | toon name [ | anchor=anchor name ] [ | type=mirror, game, Videlectrix ] [ | mirrorpagename=mirror page name ] }}

  • toon name — the wiki article name for the translated toon.
  • anchor (optonal) — if necessary, the anchor in the article where the original text can be found (if it's not in the Transcript).
  • type (optional) — "mirror" if this toon is mirrored, "game" if it is a game located at homestarrunner.com, and "Videlectrix" if it is a game located at www.videlectrix.com
  • mirrorpagename (optional) — if you have specified "type=mirror", store the filename for this toon's mirror in this variable.
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