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"Oh, and here comes mister prancy-time himself, Homestar Runner, to save the day."

Strong Bad provides commentary for the toon The King of Town.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad (voice-over), The King of Town, The King of Town's Sheep, Multi-Function Dragon, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Blacksmith, The Poopsmith, That Little Chef Guy, The Cleric, The Knight, The Hornblower

Date: Thursday, August 16, 2001 or earlier

Running Time: 2:34

Page Title: The King of Town Common Tation


[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: Uh, hello and welcome to The King of Town Special Edition DVD. I'm your host, America's number one son and sweetheart to all the ladies, Strong Bad. You're probably wondering what I'm doing the commentary on this cartoon for; it's because they didn't put me in this freakin' cartoon, so, the least they could do is let me make fun of it. So, let's uh, let's begin.

{Cartoon starts}

STRONG BAD: Okay, now, this guy does not belong in cartoons. From what I understand, he's everybody's least favorite character, and I don't understand how he got his own freakin' cartoon, and I haven't even got... my own cartoon yet.

STRONG BAD: Oh, and the special effects here; look at that piece of crap! I mean, I really think that was a piece of crap tied to some strings... that they just... pulled up behind the mountains, you know...

STRONG BAD: Oh, and here comes mister prancy-time himself, Homestar Runner, to save the day. Personally, I don't know what he's doing not wearing his hat, because, he looks kinda creepy whe—when he doesn't wear his baseball hat. Or whatever that hat is, you got the propeller on it, I mean... I hate everything about that guy.

STRONG BAD: Oh, now this guy had some class. The Blacksmith, that guy was a good guy. I hung out with him after the cartoon; yeah, we had some good times, I mean.... Oh, and this freakin' guy, man, he STANK SO BAD! I mean... you know, I would say that he smelled like crap, but that doesn't go far enough. Imagine the worst smell you ever smelled, and pretend that took a crap. That's that guy. Oh, and that little guy, ohh!! That guy gave me the creeps, man... I didn't trust that guy any farther than I could throw him.

STRONG BAD: Oh, and Homestar wearing the graduate cap... I'll tell you what, I mean, Homestar never graduated from anything in his life. And, uh, that little X he just made... To tell you the truth, I don't think that he could tell you that it was an X because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the alphabet and I'm almost positive that he can't read, so. Oh yeah, everyone has a good laugh...

STRONG BAD: And that place, the King of Town does not live in that castle! I can tell you that right now. I mean, like, he lives in like some two bedroom job, like, next door to me. It's kinda run down and creepy, actually. Yeah, you don't want to go over there, man.

[edit] Secret Commentary

The following dialogue is only available in the secret alternate version of the commentary.

STRONG BAD: Okay, pay up! Where's my money? You said cash as soon as I was done. That was the agreement, right? Nobody watches this cartoon, because it's not funny, and everybody hates the King of Town, so... put Strong Bad in it and everybody's gonna watch, right? Okay, so, hand over the goods.

[edit] Easter Eggs

"You have no friends."
  • After the commentary, you can click the button on the King's answering machine for different messages. The first one plays automatically at the end of the toon, and the messages loop.
ANSWERING MACHINE: You have no new messages. Ever.
ANSWERING MACHINE: Nobody likes you.
ANSWERING MACHINE: You still have zero messages.
ANSWERING MACHINE: You have no friends.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad laments that he hasn't gotten his own cartoon yet, but he would go on to have perhaps the most prominent feature of the website with his Strong Bad Emails.
  • Strong Bad says Homestar never graduated from anything in his life. The position of his tassel, over the right eye, traditionally signifies that a person has not received a degree (yet).
  • Strong Bad saying that Homestar probably can't read is incorrect, for Homestar shows his reading and writing skills in several places, including credit card, anything, and email thunder. Homestar's literacy is also tested in Arcade Game, Cool Things, and Homestar Ruiner.
  • The statement that the King of Town really lives in a run-down two-room building next to the House of the Brothers Strong is directly contradicted by later toons.

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