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"Yer ooooouuut!"

The Umpire is the official for Homestar Runner's baseball team. He has pale yellow skin, a squat triangle for a head, and beady black eyes. He is always seen wearing a pale blue shirt, gray pants, and brown shoes. His first appearance was in Where My Hat Is At?, where he tells "the" Homestar Runner that, without his hat, he is not allowed to play in the Big Game. After Homestar finds his hat, the Umpire yells, "SAFE!" as Homestar runs across home plate. This was his only appearance for many years, until the release of Kick-A-Ball. In this cartoon, he is animated and given a voice for the first time. He acts as the umpire for the kickball game, and sounds like Dick Vitale. However, in the DVD version of Where My Hat Is At?, he sounds more like a deep-voiced Strong Bad.

According to the DVD commentary of "Where My Hat Is At?", he was supposed to appear in an Easter egg in a Strong Bad Email made shortly before the commentary, but it fell through.

[edit] Complete Filmography

[edit] Character Evolution

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Original Design 1999 Where My Hat Is At? N/A
The current Umpire 2009 Kick-A-Ball, Where My Hat Is At? (toon) His outlines are now colored instead of pure black, he has more advanced shading, all of his colors are slightly lighter, his arms are thicker, he has wrinkles extending across his shirt and pants, his shoes are larger and curvier, he has small reflections in his eyes.
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