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Little Tim Tom

Tim Tom is a Pom, and is strongly implied to be Pom Pom's cousin. He presumably lives on the Isle of Pom, and has a color scheme (red and blue with a white star) very similar to the ball used in the beginning of the Theme Song Video and Kick-A-Ball, the toon in which he first appears. Strong Bad assumes that the ball is one of Pom Pom's cousins, but Homestar Runner believes that Tim Tom is "way better-looking than that". Tim Tom is seen later in the toon, when Strong Mad kicks the ball around the world. He is probably younger than Pom Pom, as Homestar refers to him as "little Tim Tom". Besides Pom Pom, he is the only "normal" Pom to be drawn in the normal art style of the Homestar Runner body of work.

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