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The most amazing undersea epic ever filmed

Tito the Tophaticent is The Cheat's performing alter ego, who appears to be both a vaudeville artist and magician, according to both of his appearances. His Tito costume consists of a top hat, bow tie, and cane. His hat has a purple hat band with the word "Tito" written above it. Homestar Runner describes him as "a great new invention", and "the most amazing undersea epic ever filmed".

In part-time job, he became Tito when Strong Bad needed a diversion to allow him to sneak out without being noticed.

In more armies, he performed with his "beautiful assistant", Strong Mad with two basketballs shoved down his singlet, to entertain Strong Bad and Strong Sad until the Army Convention.

"Tophaticent" is a portmanteau of "top hat" and "magnificent".

[edit] Appearances

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