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Stupid Templates.

I am actually "jeeeeeooooorb", who was "flashstorm", but I decided to change to "-erson". I'l stop changing now.


[edit] About me

As I am a relatively paranoid person, I will not gve any personal information. Anyway, here I am more of a wikignome than anything else. I go arround editing pages and posting fun facts. However, the thing I do most is vote on the HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts . I love to debate, and post my oppinion, so that is why I love that page. I also want to write a page about all of the Brother Chaps different aliasis (different names they call themselves at the start of toons and such), like the Brethren Chaps, but I dont know enough programming to do that. I cant even get tables straight. So I guess Il keep to gnoming.

Oh, and if you find me making multiple edits conseculatively, dont mind. I'm just correcting myself, and I make alot of errors.

[edit] Other cartoons

I dont just like H*R, I also like three other internet cartoons. The Foamy Series By Neuorticly Yours is hilarious, but graphic, violent, and contains nudity and fowl language. Funny though. Also, anything by Rooster Teeth is great. Red Vs. Blue(baised on Halo and Halo 2) is the best of their productions, while The Strangerhood(based on The Sims 2) is their newest.

[edit] Troll Hunting

  • As flashstorm, I have reverted the edits of 1 troll.
  • As -erson, I have reversed the edits of 3 trolls.

[edit] Pages I'm planning on creating

Strong Bad's Computer Commands: A list of different programs/commands SB uses on his computer, their function, and a picture.

I scanned most of the emails and I've found the most of the commands used, now it's just to get the snapshots. Than, I'll start writing up the page.

I had some more ideas,but I can't remember them now.

[edit] Pages I've created/majorly contribted

None... *sniff sniff*

[edit] Questions


I need an mp3/wav/wma version of the Trogdor song WITHOUT LYRICS for a school project. I cant find any over the internet but ringtones, and they dont work. I need help. Can someone please give me a copy of the song or a link to get the song? I really need it!

  • Thanks to Venusy for finding it for me.

[edit] Editing Question

How do you make a TOC on a page?

  • Thanks again to Venusy

[edit] siggy

In My siggy , I dont want the "Posted by" part to be linked. I tried but that didnt work. Help?

  • Self Solved, Yay!

[edit] Video

I have a video clip of Homestar and The Homestar Runner being used by the Macromedia people to demonstrate their Flash Player 8 (not released). How do I get it on the wiki

  • Solved!

[edit] AHHHHH

I leave for a week, and the wikis completely changed! What happened here!

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