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Oh, hello. Welcome to Anagrammarian's modest user page.

There are 3,340 articles in HRWiki, by the way.



[edit] Who I Am and Why I'm Here

My name's Max and I'm from Fairbanks, Alaska, although now I spend most of my time going to school on the East Coast at Harvard University.

To your great surprise, I love and if finding the Brothers Chaps' website was the greatest day of my life, then finding HRWiki was the next-greatest. I've relied on and enjoyed this site for at least two years, so as of March 2006 I decided to join and help in my small way.

[edit] What I Hope To Do Here

I am happy to do anything, from correcting small mistakes to grunt work. I don't think I'll ever be able to come to the level of the truly wise who make this site what it is, but I hope I can help keep this site great in small Gnome-like ways at least. If anyone has any advice, please just let me know on my talk page.

[edit] Note to Self: Things I'm Working On

Nothing at the moment.

[edit] Other Stuff

Some other stuff.

[edit] About HRWiki








[edit] Misc

My not-at-all-comprehensive list of users who seem wise or have interesting things on their pages.

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