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NOTE: This page was created by me as a resource and is not official wiki policy.

Be bold is something you hear a lot nowadays on wikis, but what does be bold mean? It means that you should be confident in your edits and not reserved. How confident? When do you stop being bold and start being reckless? To answer these questions, I've created a rough guide to levels of boldness. I rank each action on a scale on 1 - 10.

  • 1 = You can do this
  • 5 = Probably want to discuss this a little
  • 10 = Get approval from a sysop first

The ranking system is not meant to judge how good ideas are, just how bold they are.

[edit] Actions

  • Creating a new page - There is a page that doesn't exist that you think should. You've already checked to make sure a similar page doesn't exist and that the page wasn't already created and deleted. You will be adding new content to this page.
    • Boldness: 1 - 2
    • Comments: This is something that it is probably okay to be bold on, since to get rid of this edit all that needs to happen is a sysop pushing the delete button.
  • Creating a new project page under the HRWiki namespace - This is different from creating a new page because project pages are most often new concepts being introduced or implenmented at the wiki.
    • Boldness: 3-4
    • Comments: While the reversal is the same at a normal article, you may want to bounce your idea around or at least mention it somewhere first before investing a lot of time into a project.
  • Moving content from a page onto separate pages example - Taking information from what is probably a long page and moving it onto sub-pages.
    • Boldness: Depends. If the article has a template saying that it's "in need of cleanup", the breakup probably couldn't hurt, so 2-3. If the article does not, then there is probably a reason that the page is like that 7-8.
    • Comments: An example of a long page that does not need to be broken up is Stinkoman 20X6 Enemies and Items
  • Moving similar content from several small pages on one larger page Example - Taking several small pages that have a common theme and that don't have much valuable content separately and moving them onto one larger, common page.
    • Boldness: 4 - 6
    • Comments: There's a little bit of ground for discussion here. On the unnamed characters page example, Unnamed Girl and Alien Guy had their own separate pages that were pretty much in a constant debate about whether they deserved pages or not. There was not enough content to support an entire page, but they were too important to not have any mention on the wiki. In this case, the Unnamed Characters page was a good thing. It was created, and those two pages were later redirected to it. However, you may be moving pages that are by themselves for a reason. It may be a good idea to discuss this with somebody before going ahead and executing it.
  • Creating a subpage of your userspace to work on something - Example You are working on something that will later be helpful to the wiki, but it needs to be worked out a little, so you create a subpage to work with it.
    • Boldness: As long as it follows Userspace Rules, 1
    • Comments: If you are working on something, everybody understands. This is what Usersubpages are for. Just please please please make sure that it follows the rules.
  • Creating a template for similar pages - You see several pages with a common theme that people could want to navigate between quickly, so you create a navigation template and put it at the bottom of all the pages.
    • Boldness: 5 - 6
    • Comments: There was a period in time when the wiki had gone Template crazy, and nearly every page had a template, some with as many as 4 different templates. Mention this on one of the pages first and see how other people feel.
  • STUFFing a Fun Fact - You see a Fun Fact that you think is not true or that there is a good chance is not true. You have checked that a fun fact has not already made it through the STUFF process.
    • Boldness: 2
    • Comments: This is what STUFF was made for.

This list is still in progress.

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