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hi. I'm B gal. I don't have much to say about myself. Just mine intesrestes. I'm a really loyal tim burton/bleedman/homestar runner fan. I spend mine time going on good sites that i really like. Am i alowed to make links to mine other sites? i'm just wondering that. I never reviled mine real name!

[edit] pages i created

none. I have inproved on mine grammer skills, but I'm not sure if I spell a few words wrong

[edit] my fav stuff

fav movies: nightmare Before christmas, any Tim burton movie(i know that nbc is a tim burton movie, but I love it more then most movies.), potc series, monter house and step up. if they made a homestar runner movie, i'll like that too.

fav toons(on the web or not.): homestar runner(duh.), bonus stage, childrin r skary, invader zim, spongebod squarepants and kappa mikey

fav books(on web or not): a series of unfortnate events, any bleedman comic, invader zim:manifest doom and manga novels

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