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Hello everybody. I'm Balmung of Azure Sky!

If you want to talk post a comment in my User Talk.


[edit] My Favourite Quotes

I'd say my favourite quotes would be as followed:
  • SB: Teach you to poke around in my HTML.
  • HR: You're not a broom?
  • HR: Hey Strong Sad. Batman. What are you guys doin' in my house?
  • HR: Thanks for stoppin' by guys. Thanks for breakin' my cow lamp.

[edit] Poems & Quizzes

[edit] Poems

For all of you who like to read poems and take quizzes, I have news for you! has over 5.1 MILLION poets! I've made some poems there. They are: "Love" and "When the wind blows". You can make your own poems but will need to make an account.

[edit] Quizzes

I have also made some quizzes. I am TheFlair on You can make your own quizzes on quizilla, but will need to make an account.

Lord Balmung of the Azure Sky

[edit] Gaiaonline

Gaiaonline is a fun role playing website. It's free to join. I was Fire Man 800. Now I'm Lord Balmung of Azure Sky. Everybody wants my name! The link is:

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