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Hey everyone!

I used to be user Catsmeat, but I think I mistyped the email and forgot the password and now I can't send it. But that is ok... I am ... reborn. By the way, if anybody thinks that Catsmeat refers to some kind of slang, its not. The Catsmeat that I made refers to my last name, which has "Cat" in it. I don't know where I got the meat part.

And also... I might of accidentally made another username - catsmeat (with lowercase c). But like I said, that is ok... I am... reborn... again... anew.


So umm... I saw Homestar once and I had no idea who he was... I saw him quite a few times, in Flash Easter Eggs, references to it, and I had no idea about that. Then I found a link to it on a site. Those were the good days... I really miss those days.

Updates to come!


When I have more time, I'll update this.

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