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I know, like yeah. I joined. As my Flash pseudonym. And the name of my story/fanfic/flash company (not real company). However, I am NOT going to tell you my real name, email address or any other thing. Except my nickname. ChaosMan. but no one calls me that. I want them too.

[edit] Gaahh!!

Favorite Character:Homng Subs Z Ow! My eye! Inside my Eye! it hurts SO bad! But yeah. I contributed 2 da wiki for about 3 months before I decided to actually join... But now that I'm a member of the wiki the forum won't seem as crowded. Then again, it's almost as if for every Wikian, there are 2 forumers.

So that's pretty much the information that I'm going to tell you. Oh! Another thing. I was thinking about being a Troll but the thought of getting banned by TROLL (not Troll) was too horrifying. So yeah. I don't know too much, as I'm new here (NOT!!!) and I haven't been on here before. (not again!!!) And I DEFINITELY did not find out about this site when googleing Thy Dungeonman II (Not Again AGAIN!!!) So pretty much that's my stuff (NOT'D!!!)

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