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"Here's a Twinkie!"

Well folks, there's definitely not much to see here, yet.

I'm around in the forum a lot, and Ive done some minor editing around here in the past, mostly spelling errors. I do, though, claim credit for recognizing the recessed lighting in Pop-up Book, although there's alaways the chance that somebody mentioned it here before me.

Oh, and thanks to Firebird for telling me that I put this on the wrong page ^_^;; Let's hope that won't show up in my wikiwork.

[edit] Wiki stuff


[edit] Projects on the Head's Up

  • Learning to be a grood wiki user.
  • Being quick on the draw to help transcribe a sbemail or two.
  • Teach myself Swahili.
  • Hoping for something in my talk page.
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