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cash money tc

[edit] Other Sigs

Sig type What it looks like
Norm: movie magic man
Norm 2: Triple M talk
Halloween (Whenev Halloween stuff goes up-Oct 31) movie magic man
Halloween 2: Triple M talk
Thankgiving (Nov 15-thanksgiving) movie magic manFile:update-tg.png
Thanksgiving 2: Triple M talk
Decemberween (Thanksgiving-Dec 31) movie magic man
Decemberween 2: Triple MFile:update-dw.png talk
Trogday >MMM Burninating the Peasents!
Cheatday: Movie magic Man Sweet, sweet The Cheat. Today is the day on your fake ID!
Valumtimes Day: Movie magic man
April Fools (April 1) movie magic man
OU vs Texas, OSU, or their bowl game Triple M BOOMER! SOONER!

[edit] One time sigs

What it looks like Time used
MMM Happy 10th Birthday,! 10th aniversery

[edit] Testing

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