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[edit] It's Me Everyone!

My sponsor.

Hey. Sup.

My name is Jake. But 'round here I suppose I'm Chapien. So feel free to look around. Oh ya, and I am approved by Homsar. Because I say so. Anyway, "I'm the Captain of the Gravy Train! All Aboard!" Sorry. I just had to do that.

[edit] FOR RENT!!!

This space is for rent. OK, no it isn't. I just don't have anything to put here. Yet. In the mean time, "TABASCOOOOooooo!!!!"

[edit] Signatures

[edit] Info

If you visited this AWESOME page, I would appreciate it if you signed here. So I know that people are visiting. So I know that I'm not lonely. I feel lonely. Please sign! To sign, just use four tiddles(~) and your signature will be left.

[edit] Sign Here!

chapien (approved by Homsar!) 18:59, 10 March 2009 (UTC) Ya. I signed myself. Sue me.

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