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Hello everybody. My name username is Cinnabon37, as you most likely already know.

[edit] Stuff I Like

Stay smart- use Linux. And eat green peppers.
  • beef
  • marshmellows
  • my cat Bitsy
  • my neighbor's cat
  • kicking The Cheat
  • making videos of pictures I make on the GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • tweaking Fedora Core 5
  • VNC ;-)
  • Burger King chicken fries (such an innovative package)
  • Hating Windows
  • KDE, which is way better than Gnome
  • Ace Combat 4 & 5
  • SimCity 4
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Candy Corn

And of course,

  • Cinnabon cinnamon rolls
  • the number 37.

Don't ask me why I like 37 so much, it just pops up everywhere like in algebra books and random number generators.


[edit] My Reh-zoom

I consider myself to be an advanced Microsoft Windows troubleshooter (not too hard: it has so much trouble, it's easy to find stuff to shoot) and an intermediate (and learning) Linux user.

Far past:

  • was the only one that knew how to turn on the laptops in second grade (and third, and fourth.....)
  • learned lots o' HTML in fifth grade

Near past-present:

  • am a highly advanced G.I.M.P. user
  • Have killed Fedora Core 4 from my machine, not thinking that GRUB was then on the partition
    • Killed GRUB using Knoppix (BTW, I like Knoppix too!)
    • Began to miss GRUB
    • Installed Fedora Core 5 (and thus GRUB)
  • ACCIDENTALLY messed up wireless network
  • Petitioning to get TiVo to support WPA wireless encryption

[edit] Contact Me

My MySpace that's not a MySpace is here.

This page has been approved by High Empress Bitsy the Cat.

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