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Cocoa's Stress Level.

[edit] Cocoa.

I'll make it easy on you and organize all the crap about me.

NAME: Cocoa

AGE: 14

HAIR: brown

EYES: brown (now do you know why my name is Cocoa?)

HEIGHT: 5'6" last time I checked.

WEIGHT: That's not polite to ask a lady, don't you know?


OCCUPATION: artist, writer, student

LIKES: drawing, being alone, reading, writing, Sterrance, Senor Cardgage, Strong Bad, Homsar

DISLIKES: the blue screen of death, burn-your-eyes-out red lipstick, Hilary Duff, most pop stars, those retarded Bratz dolls, stupid people, bratty people, people in general, huge crowds, getting MRIs

[edit] Anything Else?

Okay, fine. Since you're still here.

My first SBE was japanese cartoon. The latest email at the time of me discovering the Homestar Runner website was theme park. I found this wiki way back when it was at Wiki Tikki Tavi, but didn't actually join until now. It's been a useful source of information for me for quite a while.

My favorite emails are all of them. Except maybe tape-leg. That one was the lamest of the lame.

Favorite SBEmail Moment:

Strong Bad: Dirtiest diap--whoa! -throws coffee, bacon, and eggs on record book while coughing- Coffee eggs bacon! Oh. Too bad. I accidentally made breakfast all over whatever that record was for.

[edit] Any Questions?

If you have any, I suppose you can post them on the discussion page and I'll answer them ASAP.

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