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[edit] About ME

I do not work for computek corporation. That is just the name I thought of.

[edit] My Website

I am also known as Tekagnos or Tecigno.

[My Website]

My website is all about a lot of things. Programming, animation and Do It Yourself. I also have a forum and a link to (Not to be confused with, they are two different sites.)which is all about Skinning.

[edit] What I do

I make computer programs and I am just starting Flash. I have made animated GIFS. I am currently working on a DIY projector. That's pretty fun. Once you get how it works, you can build a projector and make it however you may want it to be.

Check out my animations at: [Animations]

Check out the rest of my site for more things. My site may look a bit sloppy, but it is going through a major overhaul. (That's good) I will have new styles, and more things. Even a CSS to control my site.

[edit] What I do for this site

I like the wiki more than the forum. Whenever I find something strange about something on, I post it here unless it was already posted. I will fix an occasional typo, but I dont delete ANYTHING that I did not write.

[edit] Well that's me!

--Computek 16:13, 22 April 2006 (UTC)

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